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in-te-gra-tive: to bring together or incorporate into a whole

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To promote healthy patient lifestyles, our philosophy is based upon Integrative Medicine, which combines conventional medicine with the modern application of traditional and natural therapies.
The doctor-patient partnership inherent in integrative medicine takes into account all aspects of you, your needs, and your lifestyle to keep you in peak health. Naturopathic Doctors are the recognized natural, integrative medicine experts.
Today, people are increasingly looking beyond conventional medicine to find answers for their and their family's health care problems. While conventional medicine is preferred for treating trauma and emergencies, naturopathic medicine excels in the prevention and the treatment of chronic disease and in keeping you healthy.

Prevention is the best medicine. We believe health care must be tailored to the individual, because there is no common cure for everyone. Through individual attention our patients learn and gain a sense of self-reliance and responsibility for their own health.

With Dr. Bronner Handwerger, ND and Integrative Health Solutions, you can have access to truly private, personalized health care that not only addresses your medical needs when they arise, but also assists you in maintaining your health and optimizing your physical well-being. Enjoy a better, healthier life through Integrative Medicine.

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